5 Top Energy Stocks for the Second Half of 2015: ATW, STR, TEP, WES, ALDW

5 Top Energy StocksThe oil price collapse has certainly inflicted pain on oil and gas companies, but that doesn’t mean there are no good energy stocks to watch in 2015. Sifting through the worst and best energy stocks to invest in can be difficult, so I’ve assembled a list of promising companies which could be set to perform well in the second half of the year.

Atwood Oceanics, Inc. (NYSE:ATW)

Atwood Oceanics, Inc. (NYSE:ATW) is an offshore oil and gas drilling company with global projects. Although the company has been hit hard by collapsing oil prices with its stock tumbling 4.1% early Thursday, much of this is due to their inability to shut down rigs without incurring massive losses. Market cap is at $1.21 billion. Atwood still has a strong financial position, with good revenue growth, reasonable debt levels, and rising net income. With fundamentals like these, the company is likely to succeed after this price slump rebounds.

Questar Corporation (NYSE:STR)

Questar Corporation (NYSE:STR) is an integrated natural gas company based out of the United States. Classified as part of the utilities sector, it has a market cap of $3.78 billion. Its stock is down 12.6% in the last 52 weeks, but it still boasts strong fundamentals. Its return on equity, growing profit margins, and healthy cash flow make it a good buy, despite high debt management risk.

Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP (NYSE:TEP)

Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP (NYSE:TEP) provides natural gas storage and transportation services for clients in the Midwest and Rocky mountain regions of the U.S. It owns and operates its own interstate gas transportation system and associated processing services. The company’s shares have rallied by 11.61% in the last 52 weeks, outperforming the S&P 500 which rallied by 8.81%. Its market cap stands at 2.891 billion. Its solid performance after slumping along makes it one of the best stock picks in the energy sector.


Western Gas Partners LP (NYSE:WES)

Western Gas Partners LP (NYSE:WES) is a Delaware-based limited partnership which acquires, develops, and operates midstream energy assets. The company gathers, processes, compresses, treats, and transports natural gas and related products. Market cap stands at $7.41 billion. Its price to earnings ratio (PE) is 32.46, and its dividend yield is a robust 5.21%, making Western Gas a great stock pick to outperform its record in 2015.

Alon USA Partners, LP (NYSE:ALDW)

Alon USA Partners, LP (BYSE:ALDW) owns and operates a refining and petroleum products marketing business, with integrated downstream segments in the South central and Southwestern U.S. Its market cap is $1.61 billion. Year-to-date stock performance is at a strong 116.55%, with a 20.26% gain in the previous three months, making this one a strong contender for best energy stocks in 2015.