The 5 Top Healthcare Stocks in 2016

Health_StocksThese Healthcare Stocks Have Decades of Growth Ahead of Them

Are you looking for steady dividends with big growth potential? You could do worse than investigating my top healthcare stocks in 2016.

Despite deteriorating market performance and a dismal stock market outlook, this year has been relatively good for the healthcare sector, which is now expected to show the second best performance this year after the telecom sector. One great thing about these healthcare stocks is that they fare relatively well even in a market downturn.

We all get sick and buy healthcare, no matter how the economy is doing. Even if demand diminishes, it never completely fades out, which is why healthcare stocks can serve as a great protection during rough times. Bonus points if they also pay dividends.

So let’s dig into the results. Here are my top healthcare stocks in 2016.


Midray Medical International Limited (NYSE:MR)

Market Cap: $2.85 billion, EPS: $1.44, Dividend Yield: 1.72%, P/E: 16.77

This Chinese company is my first pick for the list. Although Chinese stocks got battered this year for the country’s economic troubles, this stock is still a great value play. Midray Medical International Limited (NYSE:MR) operates globally in the medical instruments and supplies industry.

The company primarily manufactures patient monitoring devices, medical imaging systems, and life support devices; including ultrasound systems, anesthesia workstations, diagnostic devices for tests like blood and urine, and a high-end series of monitors. Fundamentally, the company boasts a very attractive debt-to-equity ratio of only 0.19, has been paying down its long term debt, holds enough cash to cover its debt in totality, has consistently posted revenue growth, and returns a yield of 1.72% on its dividends.