New from Lombardi: Buy/Sell Advice on 540 Popular Stocks

Don’t buy or sell another stock until you check Lombardi’s new database of buy and sell advice on today’s 540 most popular stocks!

Updated daily, this on-line service gives you our timely advice on all stocks covered in Lombardi Financial newsletters and other popular stocks, too.

Aside from our timely and unbiased buy/sell advice, you’ll be able to read our research and analysis on the stocks you’re investigating.

And you’ll also get:

— Market Outlook and Analysis for the Week Ahead by George Leong, updated every Monday morning

— The immediate-term technical outlook on the stock market with great charts to illustrate our view

— A list of stocks that we’ve just started coverage on at Lombardi Financial and our buy/sell advice on them

— Our top stocks amongst all 540 we are presently covering

Why the new service? Because our customers were contacting us and asking for a “one-stop-shop” on-line service to get buy and sell advice on all the stocks we cover… 540 in all!

And our readers also wanted our timely prediction of where we thought the stock market was going in the days ahead so they could maximize their stock buying and selling profits.

Finally, because of the many stocks we follow, it was often difficult for our customers to follow which ones were truly our top recommendations amongst all the stocks we cover in our financial newsletters. Now our customers can get all our stock coverage with our top stocks singled out!

We’ve been able to position this as a value-added service for our current customers, so we are able to price it very reasonably… only $9.95 a month for Lombardi Publishing customers only!