The true story of how a 26-year-old broker almost got fired

And how you can use his unique system today to make more money from stocks than you’ve ever dreamed!

Dear Reader,

If you’ve got the desire to be really wealthy and you’ve got the perspective to realize Wall Street’s same-old ways are designed to make only the brokers rich at your expense…

.. Then you are ready to cash in on one of Wall Street’s best little secrets:

The really big and really fast annualized gains of 294%… 346%… 602%… 900%… even the incredible annualized gain of 1,497% we recently enjoyed on one of our stocks can only be found among small, startup companies that have the capacity for explosive growth.

And here’s the key: The big brokers can’t make money on these low-volume penny stocks, so they don’t cover them and don’t recommend them. And to cover their behinds, they try to convince you that penny stocks are risky. I know this is true because they tried it on me!

But let me tell you, some of the world’s most successful investors have made fortunes investing in low-risk penny stocks.

Yes, we’re talking about penny stocks, the kind of stocks that the big brokerage houses don’t follow and that your broker will tell you are risky.

But the fact that the big brokers don’t follow these penny stocks is exactly why we make a killing on them and why you can too.

Let me show you what happened to a few of our stock picks in recent months:

717.97% annualized growth! Back on July 28, 2003 we recommended a penny stock by the name of Rutter Inc. at $0.95. Just 99 days later, you could have sold it at $2.80.

900% profit in just 15 months! In January 2004, we sold our shares of TTM Technologies Inc. at $20.50 for a 15-month gain of 900% over our purchase price of just $2.05!

Annualized gain of 377%! We recommended MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. when it was trading at $3.25 a share, and 11 months later we said “sell” at $14.50.

Annualized gain of 1,497%! Our super-star winner is a penny stock by the name of VSM MedTech Ltd. We recommended it on May 27, 2003 when the stock was at $1.65 and got out just 99 days later at $8.35.

As I’ll show you in a moment, there have been plenty of other penny stock opportunities out there. Here are a few more of our money-makers:

205% gain on Red Hat in just 8 months. 274% gain on ATI Technologies in just 15 months. 602% gain on Select Comfort in just 15 months. 281% gain on Bio-Reference Labs in just 15 months. 258% gain on DHB Industries in just over 2 years. 137% gain on Ascential Software in just 11 months.

My name is Mitchell Clark, and I was the 26-year-old stock broker who almost got fired for discovering my penny stock picks could make my clients too much money. But I got one up on the big brokerage house I used to work for… I quit!