We Made 62 Times Our Money on NHC and 34 Times Our Money on Research in Motion

We Made 62 Times Our Money on NHC and 34 Times Our Money on Research in Motion. Here’s How Ordinary Investors Are Walking Away Filthy, Stinking Rich in the Stocks I Find.

My Proven Record of Finding Winners:

Lexar Media — $1.75 to $22.25 — $5,000 rises to $63,570 Equinix — $3 to $23.65– $5,000 rises to $39,415 Sandisk — $10.64 to $81.75 — $5,000 rises to $38,415 Ceradyne — $8.18 to $36.80 — $5,000 rises to $22,494 Allen Telecom — $6 to $25.29 — $5,000 rises to $21,075 Cinram International $8 to $29.50 — $5,000 rises to $18,500

Dear Investor,

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Why isn’t Wall Street talking about these mini gold mines? I can tell you why — they don’t even know that they exist! Your average broker follows between 8 and 15 companies. How in the heck can you catch these rising stars if you limit your digging to big-name companies everyone else knows about?

If you were with us, you would have been part of the select few who were told about the following spectacular investment opportunities:

— NHC Communications Made History: It soared from 35 cents to $22. $5,000 turned into $314,285. NHC is a leading service-provider to telecommunications companies for better managed voice and data traffic. Talk about booming niches!

— Research in Motion Struck Gold: It shot up from $7.60 to $260.00. $5,000 rocketed to $171,050. This overlooked, under-appreciated innovative enterprise makes wireless communications products like the famous BlackBerry. Imagine buying in at $6 and seeing the same stock trading for $227 a share!

— Lexar Media Handed Us a Rich 11-Times-Your-Money Gain. $5,000 increased to $63,570. When I found this one, 99% of the analysts on Wall Street had never heard of it.

— Equinix Was a SuperStar Going From $3 to $23.65. $5,000 turned into $39,415. Their brilliantly simple idea: build and operate centers where Internet businesses place their physical equipment and network facilities. It’s a little-known business that’s burning up the tracks!