You could have made 62 times your money on NHC and

You could have made 62 times your money on NHC and 34 times your money on Research in Motion. Here’s how ordinary investors are walking away filthy, stinking rich in the stocks I find

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 Lexar Media — $1.75 to $22.25 Equinix — $3 to $23.65 Sandisk — $10.64 to $81.75 Ceradyne — $8.18 to $36.80 Allen Telecom — $6 to $25.29 Cinram International — $8 to $29.50

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 — Research in Motion shot up from $7.60 to $260.00 (accounting for stock splits). That turned every $5,000 invested into $171,050.

 — Lexar Media handed us more than an 11-times-your-money gain. $5,000 invested here went to $63,570. When I found this one, 99% of the analysts on Wall Street had never heard of it.

 — Equinix went from $3 to $23.65. Every $5,000 invested here turned into $39,415.

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