I’ve just uncovered 3 stocks that will rip your eyes off the real estate page!

These 3 will keep on climbing even as the NASDAQ buying frenzy that’s coming hits full stride.

Get in ahead of the buying frenzy and make a fortune!

Get ready for a surprise NASDAQ point exposition!

The fuse is already lit. Our indicators are flashing green. Looks like the 10% gains in 2004 will be seen as a tiny Chinese firecracker pop in comparison to the ballistic blast that will rocket the NASDAQ way over everyone’s expectations in the coming months.

Not all stocks will be worth your investment, even during the buying frenzy. But stocks you’ve never heard of will rise to record highs. Stocks you’ve shunned in the past will begin to look like surefire winners. Tech stocks. Biomedical stocks. Small-cap stocks of companies making and selling everything from automobile parts to automated medical records are right now counting down to spectacular liftoffs.

A buying frenzy will ensue. (I’ll tell you why in a moment.) And it will happen quickly. Whenever D-day is, many–make that most–investors will be left at the starting gate wondering, “What just happened?”

I mean, here’s the NASDAQ–down nearly 6% over the last 12 months–trading basically sideways for six years. And suddenly you get an e-mail from a guy who promises you fantastic profits from stocks listed on the same NASDAQ. That’s just what happened.

Now don’t get me wrong. Buying frenzy or not, you won’t be able to just throw darts at the NASDAQ listings and pinpoint winners. But I will admit, it is getting easier than ever for us to pick winners.

Our same time-tested technical indicators that flashed red in 1999 (and saved us from the crash and burn that wiped out fortunes during 2000-2002) are now flashing a brilliant rich green… the most brilliant in years!

And I’m not one bit surprised.

My name is Inya Ivkovic. I’m the co-editor of a private investment advisory called NASDAQ Advisor. As the name indicates, our focus in squarely on NASDAQ stocks. As an investor, you’ve always known that the most dynamic stocks are listed on the NASDAQ.

I have nothing against the NYSE. It’s just that the vast majority of stocks listed on that exchange never seem to rise in price as quickly or as dramatically as NASDAQ stocks do. Same can be said for the AMEX.

Investing is exciting. It’s a thrill to watch your recent picks begin to soar. That’s really why I’m stuck on NASDAQ stocks. Well, not stuck. I’m making money on NASDAQ stocks while most are losing their money.

The NASDAQ is down about 6% over the last 12 months. All those indexed funds! Millions of investors have reason to be down on the NASDAQ. But during the same exact time, NASDAQ Advisor readers took annualized profits of 16.71%.

No fluke.

Say you were a subscriber a few years ago and your neighbor wasn’t. He’s average, right! So from 2000 to 2004 his $100,000 investment would have shrunk to $42,390 while yours would have caught a wave to $185,537. You would be $143,147 ahead of Mr. Average next door. Nice, huh? Could have happened.

And right now in 2005, we’re batting .857%!

Our 6:1 winning ratio means we’re picking winners off the NASDAQ by the fist full: 85.71% our picks are winners. And it’s happening right now–in today’s market.