One pick is up 1,540% so far and we’ve just uncovered 3 stocks

One pick is up 1,540% so far and we’ve just uncovered 3 stocks that will probably do even better!

 Get ready for a 1,000-point NASDAQ explosion!

 The fuse is already lit. The NASDAQ’s gains of 2004 will seem like a tiny Chinese firecracker pop compared to the ballistic blast that will rocket the NASDAQ way over 3,000 in the coming weeks.

 Stocks you’ve never heard of will rise to record highs. Stocks you’ve shunned in the past will begin to look like sure-fire winners.

 Tech stocks. Biomedical stocks. Small-cap stocks of companies making and selling everything from automobile parts to automated medical records are right now counting down to a spectacular lift-off.

 A buying frenzy will ensue. And it will happen quickly-so quickly that many stocks will become so dangerously inflated they’ll suddenly and without warning burst and burn, leaving thousands of investors weeping and wondering,

 “What just happened?”

 Now don’t get me wrong. This unfettered helium balloon that is the 2005 NASDAQ is not a bubble looking for its pin. It is a well protected rocket that will soar to 3,000 and beyond faster than you can say, “Where should my money be?”

 The danger lies in the fact that many stocks will quickly become ridiculously overvalued during the buying frenzy. In fact, many of the stocks investors will buy during NASDAQ’s 2005 lift-off are already way overvalued. But not the one our analysis is uncovering.

 Our same time-tested technical indicators that flashed red in 1999 (and saved us from the crash and burn that wiped out fortunes during 2000-2002) are now flashing a brilliant rich green.

 And I’m not one bit surprised.

 My name is George Leong. I’m editor of a private investment advisory called NASDAQ Advisor. As the name indicates, our focus is squarely on NASDAQ stocks. As an investor, you’ve always known that the most dynamic stocks are listed on the NASDAQ.

 I have nothing against the NYSE. It’s just that the vast majority of stocks listed on that exchange never seem to rise in price as quickly or as dramatically as NASDAQ stocks.

 Yes. It’s true that the NASDAQ dropped 60% in the four years from 1999 to October 2004. But during the exact same time, while most NASDAQ investors painfully watched nearly 60% of their assets vanish, NASDAQ Advisor saw annualized profits of 79.25% and gleefully watched a $25,000 portfolio soar to $143,985.08.

 I was up 1,184.9% on one investment, while most investors were down on their knees, losing 60%!

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