Trump Stocks: Three Stocks to Consider Before Trump Becomes President

Trump StockThese 3 Stocks Are Likely to Benefit Under Donald Trump 

As the U.S. presidential Inauguration Day comes closer, investors are busy considering stocks that could get them handsome returns under the Donald Trump administration.

At this point, one of the most important factors in determining the future performance of a stock is whether the company can be expected to have a good relationship with the Trump administration.

The new administration is expected to bring about lot of changes in trade policies, tax laws, and other business regulations. Hence, the following three stocks are likely to benefit under the Trump administration, as they have done something that helps them build goodwill with the incoming president, by favoring the policies he holds dear.  

First in Trump Stocks: General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) stock had a good start to the year, as its strong auto sales in December beat all expectations. But the announcement recently made by the company allays the fears about Trump by GM investors, and the political uncertainties surrounding GM stock.

On Tuesday, General Motors announced a $1.0 billion investment that would create 1,500 U.S. jobs. Donald Trump posted a tweet appreciating the move. Trump has been quite critical of auto companies that outsource jobs and do not invest enough to create jobs in the United States. As Inauguration Day nears, the carmaker is getting more vocal about its plans to hire and invest in the country.

General Motors has a lot to look forward to in this new year, as it is set to release the first mass-market electric car, the “Bolt EV.” The Chevrolet Bolt is expected to hit the market in 2017 and boasts of a range higher than that of a Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) car. If the company gets along with the new presidential administration, the road may get a bit smoother for GM stock.

Second in Trump Stocks:, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) stock has been gaining strength for the past few weeks, and analysts are bullish on AMZN stock for 2017. There was something that the company did last week which bodes well for the business and AMZN stock.

The online e-commerce giant made an announcement that, over the next 18 months, Amazon will create more than 100,000 jobs in the United States that would be full-time and full-benefit positions. They will be open to job seekers across the country, with a wide variety of skill sets. Many of the new roles would be for the new fulfillment centers, which are under construction all over the country.

This is a good move by the company as it also plans to expand its presence by building brick-and-mortar stores, as well as investing in its “Amazon Video” business.

Third in Trump Stocks: Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)

The days are gone when Tesla stock got pounded over CEO Elon Musk’s political leanings, when Musk had openly expressed that Donald Trump may not be the right person for the job of U.S. president. Now, the Tesla CEO is a member of Trump’s tech advisory committee and is likely to advise the president on political matters related to business and investments.

Tesla stock is likely to gain from this cordial relationship between the two, as Musk lays down big plans for its “Gigafactory” and for creating jobs in the United States.

Moreover, Tesla is en route to rolling out its first electric car for the masses, the “Model 3,” by the end of the year, which has got many people excited. After acquiring SolarCity Corp (NASDAQ:SCTY), Tesla Motors has started to focus on building itself as a sustainable energy company, and the potential of its energy storage products have already gotten the attention of analysts.

Domestic Focus to Boost Trump Stocks  

Under the Donald Trump administration, the stocks of companies planning to focus on domestic hiring and investment are expected to do well. Trump has already indicated that such companies would be given special treatment to encourage such efforts.

General Motors, Amazon, and Tesla are companies which are expected to grow in 2017 based not only on the strengths of their businesses, but also on their ability to get along well with the new federal administration. By announcing their hiring and investment plans, it sends a signal to Trump that they are on his side (in terms of the domestic manufacturing issue). This should benefit these Trump stocks.