7 Incredible Predictions from Facebook, Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg PredictionsMark Zuckerberg Talks About His Vision for Facebook, Inc.

What’s next for Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)? After having taken over the social media world, Mark Zuckerberg finds himself under pressure to increase returns for Facebook stock. Luckily for FB stockholders, Zuckerberg is not short on ideas.

As the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is less constrained than your average CEO. He owns a majority of the voting rights, giving him control over Facebook’s direction. So what Mark Zuckerberg thinks about the future of the Internet, technology, and media is incredibly important.

Anyone interested in Facebook stock should pay attention. Mark Zuckerberg may have been young when he started Facebook, but that only means he is a veteran CEO right now. He keeps making smart moves and FB stock keeps rising.

Here are seven predictions he’s made about the future of Facebook.


1. Virtual Reality

When Facebook bought virtual reality (VR) firm Oculus VR, it opened the door to an entirely new phase in entertainment and communication. Mark Zuckerberg thinks that virtual reality headsets like Facebook’s “Oculus Rift” will take video games, films, and even learning platforms to the next level. (Source: “Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg,” Facebook, Inc., March 25, 2014.)

At the same time, capturing a moment that can be replayed in an immersive environment will fundamentally change communication. Imagine sharing a moment with your friends and family through VR technology; they could almost physically experience it and virtually be there.

Augmented-reality glasses would be to VR headsets what laptops are to desktop computers. VR headsets would likely stay at home, while augmented-reality glasses would be worn everywhere, helping with daily tasks.

“We’ll be able to capture whole 3-D scenes and create new environments and then share those with people. People will still carry phones in their pockets, at least for the next 10 years,” Zuckerberg told attendees at a recent conference. “But they’ll also be wearing augmented-reality glasses to assist them on an everyday basis.” (Source: “Mark Zuckerberg’s 4 mind-bending predictions for the future,” TechJuice, July 7, 2015.)