Weekend Reads: Dow Jones Industrial Average Could Crash 30%

Are silver prices about to hit $64.00? Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average about to crash 30%? Could Donald Trump really win the GOP nomination?

Summer is drawing to a close, which means business is starting to pick up here at Profit Confidential. Brew yourself a fresh pot of coffee and enjoy these top weekend reads.

Robert Shiller: Dow Jones Industrial Average Could Crash 30%

“It is entirely plausible that the shaking of investor complacency in recent days will, despite intermittent rebounds, take the market down significantly. This would put the S&P closer to 1,300 from around 1,900 on Wednesday, and the Dow at 11,000 from around 16,000.” Read More


Ron Paul: Federal Reserve is “99%” Responsible for Stock Market Crash

“Socialism fails always because you have wage and price controls. But we in the West have control of the economy and economic planning by pricing money.” Read More

(Video) Dow Jones 7,000 Trigger Leaked by 28-year Old Stock Research Firm

“Our prediction is that today’s stock market is setting up for a huge tumble…a collapse that will make the stock market crashes of 2008 and 1929 look like a cakewalk. I know. It’s a dire prediction. But we believe the makings for this collapse have already been put into place.” Read More

Are Silver Prices About to Hit $64?

“The idea here is that silver is being oversold. And with history repeating itself, be prepared for a big jump in silver prices in the upcoming months.” Read More

Gas Prices: Here’s Why You’re Getting Screwed at the Pump

“Oil rates are crashing. They have plunged to $38.00 per barrel, but consumers are still getting squeezed by high gas prices at the pump. What gives?” Read More

Peter Schiff: Interest Rate Hike Could Spark Economic Collapse

“Gold is up $80 in the last two weeks but it’s not getting the safe haven flows because people still haven’t figured out what it is they have to flee. Eventually, investors will warm up to gold “when they figure out that at zero percent interest rates forever and we’re getting another round of quantitative easing.” Read More

Oil Price Forecast: This Could Send Oil Prices to $20

“The oil price forecast in the near and medium-term is anyone’s guess. But given decreasing demand with the end of summer driving season, not to mention ongoing stock market volatility, it might be dropping well into the $20.00s.” Read More

Donald Trump’s Immigration Strategy Could Win Him GOP Primaries

“Jeb Bush, the less successful, younger brother of George W. Bush, straddles the fence and says that while he supports granting American citizenship to the children of immigrants, the policy needs “greater enforcement” to prevent “abuse.” Whatever that looks like.” Read More

Gaurav Iyer: Wall Street’s Stock Market Bubble Example of Mass Delusion

“The gains made over the last few years are hollower than Wall Street is willing to admit. It’s amazing how quickly they forget their own powers of self-delusion.” Read More

Stock Market Crash: Americans Haven’t Been This Worried Since 2009

“According to Google Trends, Americans are searching more for “economic collapse” now than at any point since the last crash. U.S. search traffic for the term hit a record high in August, a remarkable feat considering we’re only three-quarters of the way through the month.” Read More