Weekend Reads: This Could Lead to a U.S. Economic Collapse in 2015

The Great CrashIs Netflix about to hit $250? Will Donald Trump win the GOP nomination? Could this lead to a U.S. economic collapse in 2015?

It was a busy week here at Profit Confidential. Settle into to your favorite easy chair, pour yourself some cool iced tea, and enjoy these top weekend reads.

Is Netflix About to Hit $250?

“The number of subscribers has been increasing at an impressive speed over the last several years. By 2012 the company had 33.3 million subscribers worldwide. The number increased to 44.4 million by the end of 2013, and to 57.4 million by 2014. The most recent earnings report suggests that Netflix now has 65.6 million subscribers.” Read More

Gold Investing: Peter Schiff Says Owning U.S. Dollars is an Act of “Faith”

“Up until 1971, the U.S. dollar was backed by the faith that the government would redeem its notes in gold. […] But, since then, that faith has been replaced by a simpler faith that others will always accept U.S. dollars in exchange for goods and services of real value.” Read More


What Economic Growth? One-Third of Americans Say They Are Now Poorer

“Yes, the stock market has gone back up. Luxury real estate has gone back up. The rich have gotten richer. But the poor and middle class have gotten poorer. You can’t have a real economic recovery if the middle class is not recovering.” Read More

Shocking: Could This Lead to an Economic Collapse in 2015?

How safe is your portfolio from a stock market crash? While government officials try to soothe investors’ fears with a lot of “happy talk,” new indicators suggest financial markets may be on the verge of collapse. In a special investor presentation, Profit Confidential founder Michael Lombardi outlines exactly what the next financial crisis will look like as well as how to protect your savings. Read More

Platinum Price Forecast 2016/2017

“There’s no polite way to spin it; precious metals have been getting hammered. And none more so than platinum. Platinum is roughly 15-20 times scarcer than gold and has always sold for more than gold. Since 1970, platinum has, on average, commanded a 30% premium over gold. Between 2000 and 2008, platinum traded over 1.8 times the price of gold. Not anymore.” Read More

Gold Price Decline: An Opportunity for Big Rewards

“I will be bold here and say that the downside potential on gold is very little while the upside potential is huge. Investors who are paying attention to exchange traded funds (ETFs) that hold gold bullion, or even those that track gold miners, are going to be very happy with their returns in a few years from today.” Read More

Bill Gross: Low Interest Rates Have Created “Zombie” Corporations

“Schumpeter’s ‘creative destruction’—the supposed heart of capitalistic progress—has been neutered. […] Because BB, B, and in some cases CCC rated companies have been able to borrow at less than 5%, a host of zombie and future zombie corporations now roam the real economy.” Read More

Corporate Earnings: Second Quarter 2015 Worst Since 2009

“As of July 24, 187 companies in the S&P 500 have reported their corporate earnings. For these 187 companies, their average decline in earnings has been 2.2%. If this is the final number, then it will be the biggest decline in quarterly earnings for the S&P 500 since 2009.” Read More

U.S. National Debt: Why It Makes You $57,000 Poorer Than You Already Are

“Going back in history; whenever a country witnessed a rapid rise in its national debt, its currency was ultimately decimated.” Read More

Here’s Why Donald Trump Will Win the GOP Republican Primary

“How can a baboon like Trump compete against political chess players like Bush and Clinton? Because he’s is playing three-dimensional chess. Or at least, Trump flipped the table, declared himself the winner, and started throwing pieces at his opponents.” Read More